An Introduction: Cathy Djaya

Cathy Djaya

My full name is Cathy Djaya Ng — but I go by Cathy Djaya in any government issued documents. I’ve been blogging since 2005 in several platforms, namely: blogger, wretch, multiply, friendster, typepad, etc. I regularly updated my personal and another blog discussing about and reviewing food back in 2012-2015.

I’m currently living in Medan, Indonesia – working from nine to five during weekdays in the banking industry as a funding officer and part-time in the service/ creative industry as a copywriter. I used to update about my day-to-day activity (like a diary) on my personal blog, but this blog will be a blank canvas for me to talk about my enthusiasm or contemplation on anything that intrigues me.

I find passion in being able to convey my thoughts into visual form – photos and words. I enjoy dressing up especially when I felt pressure from work or personal self, but I dress a little different. My wardrobe’s colour palettes are mostly warm and neutral – from gray, brown, and blue to pastel tones. My Mom always nags about how ‘dead’ my wardrobe looks because as a Chinese descendant, she believes that bright colours bring luckiness. But those colours mentioned above bring me peace and tranquilty.

I enjoy reading poems, poetry, and books that send me into deep musing and pondering. Lately, I am in love with Paulo Coelho, Rumi, and Lang Leav.

As quoted from George Bernard Shaw: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”, I think that each and every of my personal choice is a process of creating myself into a better human being. If we focus solely on finding what we’re looking for, which is always unclear and not definite, we will slowly overlook that the process of creating ourselves is the way of finding ourselves. Hence, I haven’t give much thought on what I will be posting here. But, as I aspire to inspire, I humbly hope that this blog will be a realm for silent seeker, night thinker, and wide-awake dreamer, like me, to get inspired by to pursue or do something.