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I’ve never thought that I will miss this place. Perhaps, it was not the place worth remembering, but the experience I had with those people I will truly miss.

Competing in SEC-ionaire 2015 (Sumatera English Competition for Intellectual Movement Among English Relatives) held by EDSA (English Department Student Association) of Universitas Bengkulu (UNIB) was fun. We managed to bring home 6 trophies: second and third rank in debate competition, best speaker in debate competition, first rank in news reading, first rank in speech, and second rank in story telling.

The journey and the experience itself was memorable too. In fact, I had a feeling that every journey with these bunch of people will always be fun and memorable.

The flight back and forth Medan – Bengkulu was not really good. Not that the pilot was not good (although I could not say that the pilot of that airline was exceptional), but the weather itself also caused the rough ride. It was stormy on April 21st, and the plane that we took from Batam (we transited at Batam) to Bengkulu was a tiny weeny little plane, so when the wind blew, the plane practically moved left and right. Creepy, I know. It seemed that Bengkulu welcomed us with bad weather. It was humid and wet. I was expecting to see some sun as the beach was quite popular among the locals. Unfortunately, the weather was not supportive.

We were moved to another guest house because the initial guest house was fully booked. Our group was the only group living in a guest house apart from other participants. So there would be no bus to transfer us from the guest house to the venue. We either had to wait for the committee member to pick us up, or we could book a taxi. Speaking of taxi, can you believe that we met the same taxi driver 4 times out of 5 times we booked taxi?

The seafood was very good, and fresh! I strongly suggest anyone who will stop by Bengkulu to try eating at LAURENT (I googled it and found out that it was also named as Lourent. I don’t know which is the right spelling though). It served the best seafood I’ve ever had at Bengkulu! Restoran Laurent, Restoran Lourent, you name it! The restaurant has been running for three generations. We found this restaurant through the recommendation from a friend who said that the restaurant was (I believe is) the best seafood restaurant in Bengkulu. We had tried other seafood restaurant, and most of them were only acceptable. The seafood were fresh but did not taste great. For better direction to this restaurant, please contact: +6285380449888.

Reflecting back to Bengkulu, it was all fun and enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind going back if I had the chance. Till we meet again, the place I’ve never thought I’d visit.



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